Frequently Asked Questions -- About CEU's Credits

Will the classes offered meet state requirement for renewing my trainee certificate?

YES -- C-US-4-CEU's classroom instruction meets state requirements for renewing trainee certificates... 01 through 10


NOTE you will not only get your CEU's but a complete EXAM PREP COURSE TO BOOT



Classes start @ 8:30AM


NOTE:  For Aspiring - Journey and/or Administrators -- Our 6 class Series will earn you 48 CEU credit Hours - And are designed to prepair you to take your State EXAM


Will these classes meet the requirements to renew my Administrator Certificate or Electrician licenses? Yes if you do not use them to renew a trainee certificate



Do you offer any correspondence courses for renewing Journey and/or Administrator Licenses -- YES; we offer three courses that will earn YOU the required 24 CEU hours for Renewal of both licenses [Journeyman's and Administrator's]


1. 2023 NEC Code Update = 8 CEU's

2. 2023 RCW/WAC Update = 4 CEU's

3. Bonding Vs Grounding = 12 CEU's


All Three Class - $250.00


How do I register for classes?

You can call to get first hand information, or simply fill out the contact form on our web site and someone will call you to complete the registration process.


Do you accept credit cards? YES

We accept most major credit cards, cash or checks --Payable at time of class


Where are the classes held?

Classroom instructions are held in the Everett area; check out the map on our website for exact location and driving instructions.


What do I need to bring to the class?

For class #1 you will need to bring a copy of the most recent NEC Code book 2020 - We will provide a set of tabs.


For class # 2 We provide an Exam Prep Book - a set of High lighter - and organization binder  and a Calcultor  - YES WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET READY TO TAKE YOUR STATE LICENSES EXAMINATION - JOUNRNEY AND/OR ADMINISTRATIOR EXAM -  [ WORTH $200.00]


Do you offer license examination prep courses?

Yes, we offer courses for preparing to take your State Journey test - for 01, 02, 06A & 06B, 07, 07B & 07C, 09 & 10 FOR BOTH JOURNEY AND ADMINISTRATOR


We also offer classes for preparing to take your Electrical Administrator State Exam


New series of classroom instruction courses covers all the basics needed to prepare you to take your ADMINISTRATOR TEST -- including Load Calculations.



Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.