What Our Alumni Are Saying

J. V. 1-15-2010

"Having been out of the workforce 20 years and seeking to renew my license, C-US-4-CEU's gave me the necessary training to renew my licenses. Thanks to C-US-4-CEU's training, and having passed my state license exam, landed a job on my second interview. Thanks C-US-4-CEU's." I couldn't have done it without you.


J. J. 2-26-2010

"Learning has always been hard for me, but the teaching style at C-US-4-CEU's was easy to follow and the instructor was very knowledgeable -- he was a Master Electrician with over 30 years of field experience.


C. S 5-8-2010

I attended the class on Introductory to the NEC, I was pleasantly suppressed that the class included a set of tabs for the NEC and an Extra set of tabs for the index FREE.


Comparing this class to another provider’s class that I had attended the week before, this class was WAY BETTER – the tabbing and reviewing the basic layout and the explanation of Tables and Annexes was EXCLENT. I came away with the feeling for the 1st time that the Code Book was not really all that hard to understand. I now have a valuable tool to aid me in my progress toward becoming a journeyman electrician. Thanks John for the GREAT CLASS.

R. C. 4-20-2010
Thanks again for the great class training today. Here is my email. Please send me any information or web sites that I can use to increase my knowledge and skill as a low voltage journeyman. Thanks

S. C. 5-6-2010

Talk about service, I needed to get my hours certified quickly, because I couldn't work until they were fulfilled. I call and talk with John on a Monday, he sent my correspondence courses to me by special delivery- I had them the next day and completed the NEC 2008 Update and the RCW/WAC Update and Faxed my answers sheets back to him the following Wednesday, he graded them and posted my hours to L & I web site. I called L & I and they acknowledged that my license had been renewed and it would be in the mail within a few days. WOW I could go back to work on Thursday because I had completed my classes in just 3 day from start to finish. Thank John I owe you -- I will be telling all my electrician friends about your classes and fast service.


R.O. 7/2010

I was impresses by the quick response -- never more than one day elapsed when I sent E-mails for more information. The 24  hour special Correspondence courses price was a special surprise. When I mailed the correspondence answer sheets back for grading, I was surprised that on the same day that they arrived my tests were graded and my hours posted to my licenses on L & I web site.  Thanks John for the superior service, I will recommend you to all my electrical friends.


JB 3/2011

We recently had John hold an in-house seminar for us -- Clearwater Spas Mfg.

John covered the 2008 NEC Code update - The RCW/WAC Update and additional classes that gave our team members the necessary 24hrs to renew their Administrator and Electrical Journeyman Licenses.


These classes were held over a two week period -- 2 Saturday classes and 2 week day classes.


The material presented was relevant and meaningful and this is the 2nd time we had John back -- my how time flies -- 3 years has gone by very fast.

BK 6/2011

I waited tell the last moment to get my required CEU's - John had classes scheduled for the 6-11 & 18th. I missed the 11th class but needed 16 hrs before July1 deadline when the 32hr requirement took place. There were 4 of us in the same boat - needing another 8hrs to have the required 16hrs. What was so great is that JOHN agreed to have a mid-week class on the 30th so we could get our 16hrs in before that deadline -- Thanks John you're a real trooper.

FG 2-2012

Like a lot of Trainee's I waited until the last minute to find a place to earn the required 32hurs - WOW that was a shock, I did not know that it had increase so significantly. I was in a real panic and was afraid that my card would expire before earning the required hours; I had only 3 weeks until my card expired.


John the instructor was very helpful and gracious - he made an exception and taught his Tuesday Classes for just 2 people - WOW that was SPECIAL. So with the Saturday's class schedule and back to back Tuesday classes, within two week I had earned the required hours.


I not only earn my hours, but I learned more in two weeks than all my time in the field to-date. Thanks John for being such a great teacher, and especially helping me out when I really needed it.

BG 5-2012

I recently attended a 6 class series to prepare for my Journeyman's testing


The classes were very informative - and the materials I received exceeded my expectations - I got a set of TABS for my code book, I got an EXAM PREP BOOK - with TABS I also received a disc with several useful programs for - Load Calculation, Voltage Drop, Conduit fill and more. WOW what a find. We also covered PSI testing agency requirement and on the disc was a PDF file for PSI requirements. I also receive a binder for all the information and copies of the RCW/WAC


Thanks john for all the help and useful information.

DH 12-2012

I recently took the EXAM Prep Courses from C-US-4-CEU's for my Administrators Licenses. John the instructor included in the Exam Pres Course materials I was given Mike Holts Exam Prep book a $70.00 Value as part of my training materials. John was very upfront as to what it would take to pass the test.

He started by stating how important it was to have a strategy for taking the test - he covered his approach for taking the test and it worked. John stated the 80% - 20% rule of getting results - he said that he could provide the 20% - meaning the guidance and materials – and that I would need to proved the other 80% by studying outside of class - He is right to gain enough knowledge to pass your test you will need to commit more than just class room instructions. - I AM DELIGHET - I PASS MY 01 ADMINISTRATIOR TEST ON THE FIRST TRY - WOW HOW GREAT.

AH 12-2012

I have needed to take my 01 test for a very long time however I just didn’t feel confident enough to schedule it. So I started searching to find an Exam Prep Course that I could take. I was very fortunate to find C-US-4-CEU’s and John Gary the instructor. From the very first class John Stressed that he could help me, but that I would really need to study outside of class if I expected to pass my test. The Exam Prep book that he provided as part of the class proved to be the missing ingredient that I had needed. And with the Tabs that he provided for the Exam Prep book and the Highlighting that I did while studying gave me the confidence and edge that I needed. Thanks John I passed my 01 test – I feel great.

JH -2-2015

Hello John - Thanks for all the help - I took my 01 test last week and I passed on the 1st try - I wasn't really shoked, because of all the GREAT MATERIALS that you provided and the encouragement to really go after my Journey Lincenses


Thank again -

PS if you are reading this and want really great guidence John is the MAN

MH 5-18-2015 Hello John I passed my 01 Administrator test on the first try - how great is that WOW am I on cloud 9 - I want you to know that I could not have done it without the excellent study guide [Exam Prep book] and the other materials that you shared during the class times


GH 5-28-2015 - I just passed my 01 Administrator EXAM - you were right if I presisted I could pass it - OK I just made it a grade of 70% - I just promoted myself to Company Administrator - and downgraded my current ADM to Journeyperson level - saving myself lots of $$$$

Thanks for hanging with me and helping me deal with the questions that I was having trouble with.


JJ 4-28-2017 - I just passed my 01 Administrator EXAM - Yes it was my third time - but with your help I finally made it - thanks for all your encouragement and help


FP 6-16-2017 - I just passed my 02  EXAM - Thanks John - with all your help and encouragement- I pass my test on the 1st try - HOW GREAT IS THAT


Thank again.


JK 12-16-2017 - I just passed my 01 Administrator EXAM - Thanks John - with all your help and encouragement- I pass my test on the 2nd try - HOW GREAT IS THAT






Thank again.


JL 4-18-2019 - I just passed my 01 Administrator EXAM - LOAD CALCULATION


Thanks John - with all your help and encouragement- I pass my test on the 2nd try with a score of 80%

Thank YOU!!.


AG 8-18-2019 - I just passed my 06 Administrator EXAM - YOU were right I needed the entire Code Book information to pass it. Thanks for the encourgement while I was learning. Your STRATEGY FOR THAKING THE TEST - made the difference of pass fail for me. Thanks again CG


JB - 7-24-2021 - Thanks for a very infomative Trainee Class Searies where I complete MY 48hrs of CEU credits

Especially ALL the Training Materials to help me prepare for my up comming Journey Exaim!