WA/State Electricians Math & Basic Formulas Electrical Trainee CEU Card Renewal

Trainnee Class #2 = 8 hours

In this course we will cover the principles of basic math as it applies to the NEC code rules and regulations.


For example, the NEC states that for a "CONTINEOUS LOAD" you must select the wire size to handle 125% of the computed load. Again the NEC States that the overcurrent protection must also be sized to handle 125% of the computed load. So where do you begin to meet these requirements.


For wire size we begin by going to section 310.16, which is the code section on wire ampacity -- but what do we make of the many columes and how do we apply them to get the correct answer - we cover HOW TO as related to the code on most math problems.


For the overcurrent protection its much easier, just simpley knowing the definition for a "CONTINEOUS LOAD" - come find out how to apply the code to this problem.


We will cover OHMS law and how to use the POWER WHEEL to solve basic electrical problems. Its a lot simpler than you might think. We keep it simple and stay within basic math not ALGEBRA.


Start date January throught December
Session times see schedule on HOME PAGE Click Hot link
Lessons durations     8:30 to 4:30 day of class
Course duration Each month as scheduled
Location Class Room 120
Class size 12
Credits 8 Hours
Prerequisites None
Fee $125.00