WA/State Approved CEU -- Electrical Trainee Card Renewal -- Intro to the NEC -- thru 110

Trainee Class #1 = 8 Credit hours

In this class, we cover the layout of the most recent National Electrical Code, cover definitions relevant to the code and TAB the NEC Code book for quick and efficient use. A set of TABS will be provided for you -- you need to bring the most recent NEC code book to the class. 


Additionally we will cover and review an outline of HOW TO TAKE A JOURNEYMANS TEST -- whether you are a trainee almost ready to take your journeyman test, or you already have the necessary hours. The class information along with the TABing of your code book, will aid you greatly in your preparation to take your journeymans certification test.








Start date January thru December
Session times See dates on Home page Clik on Hot link
Lessons durations     8hours
Course duration Day of Class
Location Room 120
Class size 12 max.
Credits 8
Prerequisites None
Fee $125